Exhibition time: June 12-14, 2024

Exhibition location: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

Organizer: Japan Electronic Packaging and Circuits Association

Holding period: once a year

Exhibition overview:

The Japan International Electronic Circuit Industry Exhibition is held once a year and has become a comprehensive exhibition of all products and technical services related to circuit manufacturing, development and research in which all East Asian circuit industries participate. Its purpose is to provide technical information and related solutions through product displays to promote the development of the electronic circuit industry and all related fields. The exhibition objects include electronic circuits and packaging technologies for all electronic devices, IT equipment and devices, and the design, testing and circulation of large electronic devices (printed electronic devices, expandable electronic devices, etc.).


Xingaonai Single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer printed circuit boards, flexible printed circuit boards, laminated circuit boards, rigid-flexible printed circuit boards, ceramic circuit boards, metal (copper, aluminum, etc.) based printed circuit boards, other printed circuit boards and related books, etc.

Functional design (circuit design for functional requirements) technology, logic design (circuit diagram design) technology, parts layout design and bill of materials, pattern design, layout design, structural design, various design support tools (for the above technologies), signal integrity design support tools, power integrity design support tools, electromagnetic field analysis (EMC/EMI/SI measurement), electrical, mechanical, thermal characteristics simulators, CAD, CAM, CIM and other CAE equipment and related books, etc.

Inspection and evaluation contract services, various inspection equipment, various test equipment, evaluation/analysis systems, inspection fixtures and related books, etc.

Rigid copper clad laminate (CCL), flexible copper clad laminate (FCCL), shielding board, multi-layer PWB prepreg, adhesive copper foil, ceramic board materials, copper/aluminum board materials, special board materials, various insulation materials, solder mask materials, related books, etc.

Electroplating, mold casting, drilling, plate making, electroplating chemicals, surface treatment chemicals, etching chemicals, various inks, slurries, various tools, dry film resists and related books, etc.

Chemical processing equipment, photolithography exposure equipment, machining equipment, conveying equipment, coating equipment, plasma processing equipment, laser processing equipment, printing equipment and related books, etc.

Water pollution control system, waste and liquid treatment, global warming prevention system, air pollution control system, land pollution prevention system, noise control system, energy saving system, carbon dioxide emission reduction system, heat utilization (such as heat exchanger/waste heat utilization system/heat storage system), and related books, etc.

Transportation, packaging and packaging equipment, relief carriers, pallets, pipes, inner and outer boxes, logistics systems, transportation systems, trade control services, procurement and commissioned production, ordering systems, drawing and document control systems, security systems, inventory control systems, traceability control, warehouse control systems, intellectual property management systems, IT solutions and related books, etc.