A certain field can be called a "classic" because it can still be recognized after the baptism of time. In the field of agricultural machinery, what kind of tractor can be called a "classic"?


Today, I would like to recommend a tractor called the classic light - New Holland SWB series wheeled tractor T2004. Why can it be called a "classic"?

The profound foundation is called a classic

Case New Holland Group is one of the largest agricultural machinery manufacturing companies in the world today, and its sales of tractors, combine harvesters and hay machinery rank among the best in the world.


As the world's leading agricultural equipment brand, the NEW HOLLAND brand has a history of more than 125 years. Nowadays, New Holland has become the iconic equipment of high-end agricultural machinery products introduced by China, showing its talents in precision agriculture, conservation farming and other fields. Tractors with more than 150 horsepower are very popular in China. Not to mention the New Holland SWB series wheeled tractor T2004.

Simple and practical, it can stand the test of time and is called a classic.

The principle of "high road to simplicity" also applies to agricultural machinery. Only simple and practical agricultural machinery can stand the test of time. New Holland SWB series wheeled tractor T2004 adopts Fiat Powertrain NEF series 6-cylinder turbocharged, intercooled, high-pressure common rail engine, which has guaranteed power; the pressure flow compensation pump CCLS can provide a large flow of hydraulic oil to the vehicle at any time without the need for oil supply. It will save engine power to the greatest extent; the electronically controlled Hi-eSCR2 after-treatment system not only saves fuel, but also ensures that the after-treatment system is maintenance-free; it comes standard with a three-way electronic hydraulic output valve, and the flow rate of the hydraulic output valve can be adjusted. Operation is more convenient.


Stable and safe to meet multiple needs, it is called a classic

This tractor has high stability, ensures the quality and safety of operations, and can achieve multi-functional operations. The tractor is equipped with a continuously variable transmission to ensure optimal fuel economy. At the same time, the system automatically adjusts the transmission gear and engine speed according to the load, allowing the driver to concentrate on the operation, which greatly reduces the driver's operating burden. The standard super steering system provides a larger steering angle and more flexible headland steering, which can meet user needs of different plot sizes and different types of operations. The standard force-position mixing adjustment can automatically adjust the agricultural tools according to the field load conditions; the standard fast lifting function makes the agricultural tools enter the soil more quickly and accurately after turning at the head of the field. PTO automatic soft start function and PTO braking function, standard automatic four-wheel drive and automatic differential lock.

Facts have proven that classic models can always withstand the test of time and reality!